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To Seek the Flesh: Part One

In the north, a hidden relic of an ancient destruction lies hidden. Deep in the bowels of an ancient keep, it waits for the day that it will be reunited with the other pieces scattered across the continent. A young man raised under the eye of a harsh religious Order is meant to be its latest keeper— but Nicolas isn’t sure that the Order’s intentions are for the best. 

When a charming southern Bard seduces him and steals the relic, Nicolas knows he must follow him south and reclaim his birthright. What starts as a simple quest for vengeance quickly turns into a challenge to everything he’s ever known. 

As he makes his way south in pursuit of the Bard, he’s introduced to magic, royalty, and a world far less rigid than the one he knew. As his beliefs crumble around him, Nicolas finds himself awakening in ways he never expected. As his journey draws to an end, he must confront his eventual place in the new world he’s discovered. Does he embrace his newfound freedom, or does he continue to embrace the Order and the growing threat they pose to the world?

To Seek the Flesh is the first part of a six book arc in the larger Filliquian Chronicle, an expansive epic fantasy with real-world historical inspirations. The main books follow a path of desire, romance, adventure, and magic for an expanding cast of characters. The larger Chronicle includes a growing collection of stories fleshing out the world, mythology, and people.