About Us

Kellen Darcy lives in Washington, DC, drank entirely too much coffee before trying to write this bio, and now has no idea what he should write. He would like to tell you about his cat, but he’s also afraid that thinking about the cat will attract his attention and he won’t be able to get any work done before the caffeine wears off. He wrote his first epic fantasy novel in junior high with a few friends, and every time he thinks about it he’s glad he lost it years ago during a move. 

He’s into camping, hiking, reading, and electronics, although he thinks collecting all of the paraphernalia for those and other hobbies is almost as fun. He’s been friends with his coauthor K.C. Winters for almost two decades, and he’s never been happier his name comes first alphabetically. 

KC Winters lives on the Eastern Shore of Maryland with his partner and his cat, Beast. Like Kellen, he drank too much coffee. He’s been writing fantasy since he was a teenager, and he’s glad that he’s been able to team up with Kellen for this adventure (who manages to curb some of his more grandiloquent impulses). 

KC also loves movies, TV, and reading. He earned his PhD in English from Syracuse University and, in addition to fantasy, he also enjoys writing cultural criticism and political commentary.

Murphy & The Beast